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Prameya Industries
Prameya industry is situated in the industrial area of Jalgaon. We stated our unit in the year 2000. We are at present the manufacturer of precision bar turned components. Basically manufacturing the Wheel Cylinder Pistons / Brake Piston and supplying to Chassis Brakes Jalgaon, one of our main customer. We have a good infrastructure to manufacture the goods we produce. Our manufacturing setup consist of single spindle automats, high speed precision drilling machines, slotting machining, milling machine, angular grooving machine, centreless grinding machine, Vibro deburring machine. In tool room we have tool and cutter machine, bench grinder etc. for the inspection, we have verniers , micrometers, dial indicators, surface plate, vernier height, profile projector, snap gauges , width gauges etc. We are approved for the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the quality system since 2002. We at Prameya industries are committed to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and are achieving the excellence by maintaining the quality level and delivery.
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